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Quality customer conversations.

Brand Trust uses leading AI technology to ​learn everything we can about your products.

This data empowers our agents to have ​quality conversations with your customers!

Of course we can handle traditional customer support queries on your ​behalf across phone, email and social - but we go further - we drive ​positive customer interactions by enabling the sharing of deep product ​based conversations on ingredients, recipes, stock locations, instillation ​instructions, and so much more. Any data you have on your products, ​we will share with your customers in an interactive chat format.

We specialise in driving off-packaging customer queries via Whatsapp ​snippet QR codes. A convenient, low cost / low friction method of ​connecting with customers, collecting critical customer sentiment and ​market insights no matter where they are!

Our Solutions

Brand Trust differentiates our solution from that of traditional customer complaints ​sites or toll free numbers by offering a live interactive source of resolution information, ​that facilitates proactive helpful brand interactions. This drives positive brand ​sentiment either pre or post purchase to delight your customers.

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Enabling voice, email, and chat ​support capability across your brand ​assets, powered by highly effective ​agents leveraging our leading AI ​omni channel engagement platform.

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Each customer engagement is ​logged within the Brand Trust ​platform and allows for detailed ​analytics on region, product, ​category, demographic reporting.

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Due to the Brand Trust solution ​being a live agent engagement, we ​have the ability to collect key ​customer insights either through ​reactive or proactive survey polls.

Industry Applications

Apparel & Homeware

Gone are static instructions, ​move to dynamic chat based ​product information sharing ​as the customer needs it.

FMCG Products

Customers benefit from direct ​interaction with the brand at ​time of purchase for usage or ​quality queries.


Give customers the ​opportunity to send insightful ​feedback on their experience ​at the point of consumption.

Retail eCommerce

The ideal solution for ​eCommerce brands to activate ​order feedback straight off ​delivery packaging.

Brand Benefits

Revenue Gr​owth

Increased customer engagement ​drives higher levels of retention and ​sp​end per customer.

Private C​hannel

Ability to drive conversations off ​public social domains into a private ​secure platform.

Audited Ca​lls

All engagements are auto scanned ​for sentiment and quality analysis, ​ra​ising red flags if present.

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We’ll onboard your ​support channels with ​minimal disruption.

Switching from an existing support provider, or ​starting out fresh, is as easy as possible with our ​simple onboarding process. We can take on all ​channels at once, or stagger to suite your change ​needs. We also happy to partner with your ​marketing agency through the process.

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